The Makery..

Monday, 25 May 2015


Hope you're having a lovely bank holiday. I've come home to my parents' house for a couple of days.

I'm super excited as I have signed up to another couple of courses at The Makery in Bath. I went back in February to do a freehand machine embroidery workshop that I really enjoyed. You can read about it here. So I have booked up to go on two more (to be honest I wanted to book more but I as mentioned I'm back home with Mum and she has reined me in!)

Anywho, so the first one I've signed up to, is to learn to make a cushion cover.  Although I've done one like this before, I thought I best do another as a bit of a recap on how to sew with my machine as opposed to just machine embroidery.

Image taken from The Makery website

The second course I have signed up to is how to conquer zips and other scary techniques. I want to do this one so I can learn to make some cute purses and make-up bags with my designs on.

Image taken from The Makery website

If you would like to read more details about the workshops available at both their Bath and London shops you can do here.

Have you done any crafty workshops or courses recently, I'd love to know about them?

 See you soon

My very own house portrait...

Sunday, 17 May 2015

This week I stitched my very own house portrait. I found a very cute frame while out shopping and just knew what I wanted to fill it with.

This house is very special to me, it's mine and the now fiance's first home together. When I looked round it for the very first time I just knew we would be happy living here. I definitely do miss being in Lichfield with my friends and family but I do really love our little home. It would be perfect if I could just move it that little bit closer to Staffordshire! 

If you would like a house or venue portrait please contact me here prices start at £30

See you soon

House and venue portraits...

Monday, 11 May 2015

Good morning,

Happy Monday! Monday doesn't half come round quickly. It's usually my day off in the week so I actually quite like them!

While doing my Spring Into Design challenge back in March, I stitched my parents home where I grew up and actually gave it as a gift to my Mum for Mother's day. This hatched a new idea to stitch house and venue portraits and offer this service for customers. So I thought I'd share with you some I have done so far:

This was a commission for a 40th birthday. I really enjoyed doing it and love the colour of the front door!

 I have always wanted to create a Lichfield inspired art work. So my stitched cathedral was perfect for that!

This was a stitched wedding venue I made as a gift for a lovely couple recently.

If you would like a house or venue portrait stitched they make great gifts for new homes, weddings and anniversaries. Prices start at £30 + P&P please do get in touch you can email me here

Have a great day
see you soon

Busy little week...

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hello there,

I've had a busy week this week it's been filled with friends, weddings and food! It's been wonderful. Although I have really missed being crafty, so I'm straight back to it today. If you follow May I Design on facebook you will see I have been framing up some of my Spring Into Design freehand machine embroidered pictures. It's so nice to see them all framed up; it just finishes them off. 
They're all for sale and range in price from £20-£35:

Lollipop Roses

Lichfield Cathedral


Polka Dot Bike

Polka Dot Wellies

Tomorrow I hope to spend the day stitching new designs, prepping a screen for printing and planning some new products. 

Hope you're having a lovely weekend
See you soon

Outlaw Artisan Craft Show...

Sunday, 3 May 2015


I hope you're having a lovely bank holiday weekend. Today I went to Outlaw Craft Fair in Bristol. I was so excited about visiting to get inspired, see designer/makers that I love and discover new ones.

One designer whose stand I couldn't wait to visit was Charlotte Macey. I have been a fan of her work for years and have treated myself to her goodies in the past. It was lovely to finally see all her wonderful work in one place. It was great to talk to her too, she was as lovely as her products.
Of course I had to treat myself to some more items!

Charlotte Macey Designs

It was also exciting to discover new designer makers too. Anna Wiscombe was a really great find. I love her beautiful wooden creations. I spent ages deciding which meadow flowers to choose as they were all so gorgeous.

Anna Wiscombe

Upscutlery was another fab discovery. Sam Corfield, a wonderfully bearded man, creates brilliantly useful things out of recycled materials. There was bent folk egg cups, bent spoon coat hangers, so original and creative there was nothing else like it there. Just fab!


Another makers work I loved was Rachael Rowe of Grace & Favour home her work turns everyday things into wonderful items, she takes inspiration from items like postcards, stamps and buttons to create wonderful home wares and stationery.

Grace & favour home

It was a fantastic event with such a lovely variety of stands. I treated myself to some goodies too, I was very aware of Sarah Hamilton's Just a Card campaign, so any stall who's work I loved I tried to buy at least a card from them! 

All in all a fab day,I met some really lovely people and I'm feeling super inspired to get going and hopefully, maybe have a stand there next year!

See you soon

Experimenting with new ideas...

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I've been trying out new techniques to get my designs onto fabric and paper.  A while ago I bought a screen printing set and thought that would be a fab way to print my designs. I used to screen print at uni but there they had all fancy machinery to get the designs onto the screen. I, however, hand drew the designs then used a blocking solution.

 So I set up my screen, the screen block always takes longer to dry than I think, so it took me a few days to get going properly.

I just love printing and the instant results. I also love the differences in each print, each has it's own individual quirks.

This is the results of the print on a greetings card, I really like it. I have some more ideas I'd like to try so watch this space.

Hope you're having a happy week.
See you soon

A personal post...

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Who has been glued to watching the London Marathon on TV today? I certainly have, and a HUGE congratulations if you actually took part! I may one day buck up the courage to enter but not just yet! I did do the Great North Run (a half marathon) a few years a go and vowed never to do that distance again after losing four toenails and not being able to walk properly for a week!!

Anywho, I bet you wondering why I'm rabbiting on about this? well, as well as setting up my craft business I have also set myself a another challenge! 

This January my Gran, known to me as Granny Bannany, sadly passed away. Five years ago she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's it was awful watching the illness take hold and seeing her getting progressively worse. My Gran was a very special lady always putting others before herself, could talk to anyone (and would) and had a great sense of humour. Every summer we used to go and visit her in the north east and we would spend every Christmas with her too. Needless to say I miss her very much and think about her every day.

Two years ago I completed the Lichfield 10k raising over £400 for The Alzheimer's Society, thank you to all those who sponsored me. This year I needed to raise the bar so I'm taking on the Wolf Run with a group of my friends (I hope they'll still be my friend afterwards!). It's a 10k but with a multitude of obstacles. OBSTACLES. Those that know me will know I'm quite a clumsy person, so this is going to be a hoot (This is how I sold it to the girls). There's going to be lakes to swim across, those big net things to climb over, tyres to run over, monkey bars, walls to scale (oh goodness me, what are we doing?). You can watch a video of what we're going to be facing here.

It all takes place on 13th June the day after, what would have been, Gran's 89th Birthday. Our team name is going to be 'The Granny Bananettes' and of course we are going to get T-shirts made!

If you would like to sponsor us you can do here:  Thank you :)

I may do a little review of my training here on my blog just to keep me going! 

Thanks for reading this and hope you have a lovely Sunday.

See you soon (possibly scaling a wall!)